Terrorism in the Middle-East

I believe that the current situation of extremist Islamic hatred for the West has been provoked by a historical, and modern involvement of the west in the development of the Arab homelands. This record of involvement spans from the defeat of Abdul Rahman Aj Ghafiqi by the Franks at the Battle of Tours to the age of European imperialism, on to the setting up of pro-Western monarchs and dictators at the heads of Middle-Eastern states in the early 20th century, to the current US and European diplomatic, economic, and military involvement in the Middle-East to preserve western interests. These interests include securing their access to the region’s oil supply and rooting out anti-Western governments and extremist organizations which advocate and organize terrorism.

The environment in which these extremist Islamic groups are born and win enough support become a threat to the West can be compared to that of Asia in the first half of the 20th century. Nations like China, Cambodia, Corea, and Vietnam had all suffered under imperialism from neighboring Asian nations and European empires, which made them fertile grounds for the rise of ultranationalist communist dictators such as Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung, and Ho Chi Minh.

The multiple attempts to introduce a Western-style liberal democracy in Middle-Eastern states which have no tradition of democracy has in numerous cases created political chaos which radical Islamists use to gain support by promising stability under a strict and conservative interpretation of the teachings of the Koran, and then climb to power by use of military coups, or by means of the elections themselves. The fear of this happening is what is is now keeping the US military forces in Iraq for fear of the newly installed government falling to extremists that may become a threat to the US.

Zionism is another catalyst for anti-Western frustration. The influx of European Jews into the newly established State of Israel following World War II and after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s made pan-Arabists feel as though Palestine was being invaded by the West and the Palestinians were being treated as second class citizens.

The discontent felt by the Palestinians may be likened to that of a passionately patriotic European-American whose ancestors landed on Plymouth Rock awakening to find the United States of America dissolved into a new country run by and for the benefit of Native Americans.

In The Economist’s article, “Martyrdom and Murder”, it is explained how the Koran condemns suicide, but promises rewards in paradise for those who perish in the name of service to Islam. The interpretation of whether suicide attacks against perceived enemies of Islam qualify as self destruction or a commendable act of service to Allah will vary depending on if one treats jihad as an internal spiritual struggle, or a literal war.

Suicidal attacks under the banner of jihad date back to the dawn of Islam in the form of military raids planned with little hope of escape or survival. Modern suicide bombers are deployed as human smart bombs produced in fundamentalist schools in which boys and young men are indoctrinated with radical Islamist teachings which imbue them with the will to become martyrs.

As long Western influences are present in the Middle-East, radical Islamic fascists will interpret that presence as an occupation of their historic homeland and a threat to their way of life which must be resisted with force. As long as Islamic terrorists threaten US interests, peace and security at home and abroad, the US will maintain it’s presence in the Middle-East in hopes of sculpting an America-friendly Arab world.

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