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His Dark Materials - "Severed Persons Only"

This is what I bet would have probably happened in Lyra's world had the pyromaniac heroine not burned Bolvangar to the ground in The Golden Comapass.
People in the real world may not have daemons to be severed from, but the mindset that leads to horrors such as these is very real.

His Dark Materials are © Philip Pullman

His Dark Materials - "Mrs. Coulter's Memo"

Wow, a reproduction "artifact"!

This was found in the burned out ruins of Bolvangar.

The idea of a nightmare inducing insturment of cruelty like the silver guillotine being innocently used by an out-of-the-loop chef to prepare lunch meat very amusing. 

I did this by typing up the text in my word processor, printing it up on a piece of looseleaf paper, and then crumpling, stomping on, sprinkling water on, and taking my lighter to it for authentic "been in a fire and then snowed on" action.

The little burn on the bottom looks like a dude with an afro.

His Dark Materials are © Philip Pullman

His Dark Materials - "Shadows on the Wall of the Cave"

A scene from The Subtle Knife re-created on my old Apple ][ using DOS. It's very hard doing something like this in DOS.
DOS does not want to be used as a word processor.

His Dark Materials are © Philip Pullman

"Mass Separator Concept"

It's like a slaughterhouse, only instead of slicing your throat open to harvest the meat they cut your soul away and harness all the energy that's released. Why in the world did I come up with this?

His Dark Materials are © Philip Pullman

"Let's Hats!"

On the day my dog Zuza died, I spent my time drawing Koji and Jennifer from Icarus' sci-fi webcomic, Inhuman. Basically this is a reproduction (direct ripoff) of a little, tiny, almost microscopic scene that appears in the background of one of the Inhuman bonus comics. Luckily Icarnhumus got a huge kick out of it. Thanks for being awesome Icarus.

Please go check out Inhuman, it's awesome, I promise.

Inhuman is © Icarus/AAAAA

"Obnoxious Green Car Draws Near"

A hidden Inhuman reference I made in 2007 for the MOTHER article. There are no actual green cars in the game.
Grey and Kyo are characters from Inhuman, which belongs to Icarus. This is a modified screenshot of MOTHER, which is owned by Nintendo.

Inhuman is © Icarus/AAAAA

"Round Headed Kid"

This is a rendition of That Roundheaded Kid in the style of a sprite from MOTHER.

The Roundheaded Kid is © Charles Shultz

"North Western Railway Logo"

I made a digitial rendition of the North Western Railway's logo from the Reverend Wilbert Awdry's "The Railway Series".

This logo was a parody of the British Rail logo, which I guess is owned by some branch or another of the British government.

The Railway Series is the rightful property of the Awdry family, though I sadly don't believe they have much control over the rights these days.

"Holy Fry Pan"

The Holy Fry Pan is a weapon Paula uses in MOTHER 2. I heard that in Japan pants often have artwork and strange poetry painted on the underside of the pan,
so here is my rendition of what the Holy Fry Pan looks like.

The text is engrisified random passages from the Epic of Gilgamesh

MOTHER is © Nintendo

Epic of Gilgamesh is © the Ancient Sumerians

"MOTHER 3 Card"

A card I designed and printed to be mailed to Nintendo of America as part of a fan effort to have MOTHER 3 released in North America.

I owned MOTHER 3 at the time I made this card, but I never actually played it. In fact I didn't even understand the significance of the
sunflower I drew on the back of the card at the time that I made this.

I created this while visiting my mother in the hospitol, and the game itself revolved around a boys love for his mother. How appropriate.

MOTHER is © Nintendo


I remember spending an hour or so making this flower in Photoshop while hanging with my mom in the hospitol. I had no real idea what significance the sunflower had
to MOTHER 3's storyline aside from the fact that it appeared a lot in the advertising. The sunflowers and the game's logo led me to the crazy idea that the game was
about a diesease that turned people into plants.

Sunflowers are © God


This is a clay statue me and Mom made of Autumn, the Shuckle from my Pokemon Gold game. I hatched Autumn from an egg one cool summer evening, and it was
the first time I felt engrossed in a game world and really felt that I was invisioning myself in that world taking care of this creature. Pokemon is still the only RPG video game where I truely feel like I'm actually "role playing" while playing it. Autumn is awesome.

Shuckles are © The Pokemon Company

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