The Doorworm Cycle

Just a prick, and then you’re mine. My host until the day you die.

The sting will hurt, but not for long, and after that we’ll get along.

Because our venom will not harm the ones we wish to live upon.

And once I’m anchored to your flesh, you won’t consider me a pest.

I’ll open doors, hold drinks for you, I’ll even help you tie your shoes.

I’ll share my happiness with you, make you immune to fleas and flu.

On fruits and vegetables I dine, your diet now will be like mine.

I’ll live my life attached to you, like white on rice, or gum on shoes.

Since others might find me a threat, I’ll act as though I’m just your pet.

And you’ll think too, I chance to bet, that you rule our relationship.

Your will of course is still your own, but don’t forget, you’re not alone.

You’ll think they’re yours, those new ideas, your newfound love of soya beans.

And to your friends, you’ll testify, they too need doorworms by their side.

You’ll speak of me in highest terms, your dearest, loyal, helper-worm.

It’s natural, you’ll say to them, to have a worm as your best friend.

And when they see how close we are, they won’t resist the call for long.

They’ll be like us before the end, doorworms and hosts. How excellent.

And those who still are not convinced, their wormless lives are quite the pits,

They too, are destined, in their day, to be a lonely doorworm’s prey.

Some day, while dozing on a lawn, a doorworm jabs them while they yawn.

They’ll yelp at first, try to resist, but a doorworm’s sting’s a fateful tryst.

The venom joins them like a kiss, the host’s pain quickly turns to bliss.

With host and worm now bound by blood, the host falls in annelid love.

And then the new host leaves for town, shares with the wormless what it’s found.

That’s how the doorworm cycle flows. Soon, none of you shall be alone.


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